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Born in Germany 1951, I came to Israel 1977. After a short career as clinical psychologist and years of independent studies of pottery at different venues in Israel and abroad, I have had my own studio since 1987, participated in many ceramic exhibitions and held solo shows, and am an active member of the Israel Ceramics Association.

It had been a great dream of mine to be a "potter": the work with wet clay and the object made on the wheel exercised a tremendous fascination and aroused a deep desire in me. Although I loved art as a student and a viewer, I rather see myself as a "craftsperson" within the Studio Ceramics tradition of the 20th century, wanting to deal with the clearly defined vessel with references to a very rich culture of the useful and the decorative. Over the years, as my personal research into my relationship with and the possibilities of clay has evolved further and further, my vessels have gone through processes of abstraction, making them sculptural objects. I still see myself mainly as a craftsperson, and still work on both levels of useful ceramics on the wheel on the one hand and free-styled abstract sculptural objects on the other, although the latter ones have been my main focus over the last eight years.


My concern is with making my pieces dynamic, imparting motion into the clay, exploring the limits of the material and injecting it with emotion. But at the same time my aim is to capture a moment in the life of the object when it transitions from one state to another, thereby arousing in the viewer a Zen-like experience of both transience and calm. 

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